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Being creative is not something you are necessarily born with – it is something that is learned and cultivated. Learn something new. Creative expression comes in a variety of forms. At Get the Goods, we have art supplies for all levels but we also have products that will inspire you to cook, garden, make music, or create beautiful origami. We have “Do It Yourself” kits ranging from porcelain projects (for kids) to home-made gin kits (for adults). Time to get started. Here are some of our favourite ways to ignite that creative energy within.

68 Products available

Designworks: Beaver Dam It

"Dam It" Vintage Sass – Soft Touch Hardcover Book.

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Designworks: Letter Board

Here are some letters and a board with a stand, say what you please, be it simple or grand.

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Designworks: Vegan Leather Pencil Case "All The Things"

Burgundy "All The Things" – Vegan Leather Pencil Pouch with Tassel.

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Fabriano Cartucciera Pencil Case

Linen pencil case with closing ribbon containing 24 ergonomic triangular-shaped colour soft pencils.

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Fabriano Construction Pen

Ballpoint pen and stylus with two screwdrivers (slotted and Philips), a centimetre and inch ruler, and a 1:20m and 1:50m scale. Lacquered brass and black refill.

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Fabriano Cucitrice Fiorella Mini Stapler Flora

Fabriano Cucitrice Fiorella. Who said staplers have to be boring?

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Fabriano Ecoqua Limited A5

Fabric covers for a special, limited edition of the EcoQua range. Notebooks with a hardcover lined in fabric. 160 ruled pages.

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Fabriano Elastico Stationary Set

All you need for writing, drawing, erasing, measuring, and sharpening in one place.

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Fabriano Mixed Wood Ruler

Handmade in Venice from various Italian woods.

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Fabriano Multicolored Folder - Black

Slightly larger than an A4, this folder features 12 compartments, outer flaps covered in cloth, edges reinforced in plasticized fabric, and a ribbon closure.

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Fabriano Paperlover Notes

Fabriano's Paper lover Notes are glued notepads for exercises, produced in three different sizes, from the smallest pocket-size to the larger version. The paper is suitable for lead pencils and ink.

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Fabriano Quaderi Bouquet 7 Notebooks

"The seven senses of paper according to Fabriano." Seven notebooks in seven different types of paper.

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