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Find yourself engrossed in a 3D wooden puzzle or a brain teaser when you visit Get the Goods. Both playful and sophisticated, our curated collection of games and “toys” are a fun way to stimulate your brain. Your brain is responsible for every thought, action, feeling & a memory we experience.  You have to take care of it. Step into our emporium of wonder and embrace the spirit of play while you find curious ways to practice some mental gymnastics.

5 Products available

Professor Puzzle Box of Nails

Just one piece from the Puzzle Academy range! Can you get your head around this set of metal brain-teasers? Can you separate the nails and then reattach them?!

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Professor Puzzle Da Vinci’s Helicopter Puzzle

Just one piece from the Great Minds puzzle range. Will you be able to master this challenging wooden brainteaser? Can you separate the pieces and rebuild the puzzle?

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Professor Puzzle Einsteins House Riddle

The ultimate problem-solver and a lover of brainteasers, it has been suggested that Einstein might have written this classic riddle himself. It’s a fun but challenging test of deductive reasoning.

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Professor Puzzle Grape Escape

This Grape Escape bottle puzzle is the perfect way to add some fun and challenge to a dinner party or occasion gift.

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Professor Puzzle Houdini's Escapology Puzzle

Puzzle locks cannot be opened like normal padlocks. A solution, or ‘trick’, needs to be found to crack the lock! Will you be able to master this challenging metal puzzle? Can you use the key and open the lock?

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