Fabriano Diary

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A Gardener's Diary:

For those who love nature, a notebook that will help your garden to grow. Inside there is a pocket for seeds to plant when the time comes. The cover is in Materica Verdigris paper with a green canvas spine and an elastic band to keep it closed.

Wine Diary:

For expert and aspiring sommeliers, a notebook for jotting down opinions about wine. The cover is in Sirio Pearl Merida paper and red canvas with an elastic band to keep it closed.

Trekking Diary:

From the trip for mushrooms to the Alpine expedition. A notebook made of waterproof and washable cloth to register the accompanying adventurers, the heights reached, the objective fulfilled or simply the welcome arrival at a mountain hut...

Travel Diary:

Cloth cover. Cover visas of various countries. To record every stage of your adventure.

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