LAMY BP One-Touch Stylus

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Part of Monteverde's Tool Pen line of clever multi-functional writing instruments, this mechanical pencil is packed with handy features for working at your desk and around the house.


  • A twist-action pencil tip with a thick, break-resistant 0.9 mm lead, perfect for marking, sketching, and writing. The pencil holds one piece of lead at a time, and can be pulled out of the barrel, letting you draw with the pencil while using the barrel as a straight edge. To pull the pencil out of the barrel, grip it by the knurled section of the pencil tip and pull it straight out of the barrel.
  • An eraser on the end of the pencil component, which can be used when the pencil is pulled out of the barrel.
  • A capacitive stylus for use with smartphones, tablets, and other capacitive touchscreen devices.
  • A screwdriver with a double-sided flat-head and Phillips bit. The screwdriver is accessed by unscrewing the stylus tip, which can be screwed onto the pencil tip while the screwdriver is being used.
  • A weighty metal body with a hexagonal shape that is comfortable to hold and keeps the pencil from rolling away.
  • Four scale rulers printed on the sides of the barrel: inches, centimeters (1/100 m), half-centimeters (1/200 m), and third-centimeters (1/300 m).
  • A sturdy metal clip for attaching the pencil to a pocket, strap, or tool belt.
  • The eraser, stylus, and screwdriver bit are all replaceable. Replacements can be found under Recommended Refills/Parts.

To refill the pencil, remove the old lead by turning the pencil tip clockwise until it stops and pulling out any remaining lead. Then, turn the tip counter-clockwise about one turn. With the pencil tip pointing up, insert a piece of 0.9 mm lead into the tip, and turn the tip counter-clockwise until about 1/8" of lead remains showing. Gently press the lead onto a solid surface to secure it into the mechanism.

The pencil comes with one piece of 0.9 mm lead installed.

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