Murchison-Hume Garment Groom

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Clean it…don’t Febreze it. 

Air freshener has a place, but your best dress probably isn’t it.  

Here's  a better idea. Get to the source of the odor and stains instead.  

Murchison-Hume Garment Groom is a plant-based dry-cleaning solution for your favorite clothes and hard-to-wash items like hats and accessories. Safe for use on most fine fabrics, it helps to keep your favorite things looking newer longer by extending the time between washing and dry-cleaning, which are both super harsh on fabrics, by the way.  

Use it for on-the-spot-cleaning and to prevent stains from setting prior to laundering. For overall freshening; lightly mist garment being careful not to over wet. Sweep dry with a clean white cloth. Hang to air dry completely. Voila! You’re runway fresh.  

Now you can drink red wine throughout the silly season without worrying.  

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