Palomar HERE (by cities)

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HERE is a personal globe that you can use to mark your travels.  At first HERE looks 2D, like an atlas but in a few seconds it turns into a 3D globe. The graphics enhance the paper’s preciousness, tactile quality and texture. HERE stands up on its own, it is very light and can be placed anywhere, on a table or bookcase, but also on the floor.

HERE comes in 2 versions:  HERE by Countries (in black) & HERE by Cities (in grey). Leaving your trace on the globe rekindles memories that you experienced and instills a strong desire to go and explore other countries.

Includes a set of 50 pin markers.



Here + 50 markers

Small Ø 23 cm
Medium Ø 30 cm
Large Ø 41 cm

Printed using non-toxic inks on Cordenons Wild paper with 35% of cotton

Palomar is a design company founded in Florence, Italy in 2001 by Fabio Palchetti and Cristina Cencett.  The company’s name is a tribute to the writer Italo Calvino and his novel Mr. Palomar.

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