Palomar Nello

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Nello is a magnetic bike bell.

Nello is a little ball bell that fastens easily to the bike’s handlebar by means of a simple support which is provided with the bell. Once arrived at destination, Nello may be pulled off and slipped into a pocket.

This bike bell can make three different sounds. In order to change the sound of the bell, simply pull the bell off the support, then reattach it.



- Components: Nello, 1 magnetic base, and 2 different sizes of rubber supports

- Sound intensity: > 90 dB

- Power supply: 2 CR2032 batteries (included)

- Weather resistant

Palomar is a design company founded in Florence, Italy in 2001 by Fabio Palchetti and Cristina Cencett.  The company’s name is a tribute to the writer Italo Calvino and his novel Mr. Palomar.

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