Rattlestick All Natural Hand Made Beard Balm

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Raw will awaken your wild senses.  The sharp crisp top notes of grapefruit and lime combine to uplift your spirit, while grounding base notes keep you connected to the here and now

Untamed this woodsy, world fragrance is reminiscent of your days of travel.  Top notes of spruce and cypress combine with deep base notes of frankincense will remind you to get back to your untamed roots

Primal this earthy mix of oak-moss and vetiver is unashamedly deep, with a strong base note foundation.  Reach down and connect with your very primal core

Barbarian backroom lounges, the smell of whiskey mixed with the sweet scent of tobacco echoes through the middle notes of juniper, coffee and myrtle in this very urban fragrance.  Engage your barbarian!

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