Rattlestick Gnarly Burled Ramsay With Turquoise Inlay Razor

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Local Box Elder Burls are used to create these rich and famous razors. The beauty of burls is that there can be crevices formed over time. These crevices are filled with semi-precious stone.

For the quick shave, this Gillette Mach 3 Razor will not only give you the effortless shave you are looking for, but the bonus of added beauty and functionality will complete your wet shaving experience.

Adversity can destroy but it can also create. Like the pearl that forms from a grain of sand inside the shell of an oyster, a tree creates burls to protect itself from an irritant. Instead of growing in concentric circles, the grain of wood twists and curves finding a new way to be in the face of a problem. Burled wood symbolizes forging a new path in the face of adversity.


Local Ramsay burled box elder, crushed turquoise

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