Straw Hut Collapsible Straw

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- 2.8 inches tall inside carrying case 
- 100% post-consumer recycled plastic container
- Food-grade silicone tube and stainless-steel shell 
- Double Mini-squeegee cleaning brush included
- Key ring included
- Magnetic Close
- Silicone tips for softness against teeth 
- Metal shell keeps the straw rigid and in shape when being used

This collapsible straw folds up into a small travel size pouch perfect for a keychain, pocket, purse, backpack or anywhere space is limited. The silicone tube runs inside 4 metal hollow pieces which allow the straw to separate when stretched but become rigid and secure when straightened into shape. At 2.8 inches tall and 1 inch wide, it is easy to be green and never use a plastic straw again.

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