TableTopics: Travel Size Edition

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whether in the air or on the sea or at the beach - wherever your journeys take you. This pack is loaded with great questions that will have you dreaming about traveling the world and the excitement of exploring things closer to home.


Entertain the kids for hours with these great questions for young, curious minds. Although designed for young children, Mom & Dad will love them too. Their travel size slipcase makes this the perfect pack to take along on any road trip, toss in the glove box, use on the way to soccer practice.

Road Trip:

Miles of great conversation for the whole family. Trip-specific subjects share the road with great general interest topics that are perfect for the whole family. The one question you won't hear is "Are we there yet?"

Slumber Party:

This slipcase holds a super concentrated formula for a TON of girl talk. Everything from your favorite ring tones, bad hair days and—oh my gosh—boys. Do not open unless you are totally ready for a night of whispers, giggles, and all-out fun!

What Do You Think?:

This thoughtful set of conversation starter questions gives everyone in the family an opportunity to express themselves. Talk, laugh and share your opinions.

Can You Imagine?:

Tap into your child’s boundless imagination with these fun conversation starter questions. Together you’ll explore their dreams, their big ideas and get the answers to really important questions!

Oh Canada!:

This special edition of conversation starters celebrates the people, places and things that make Canada so awesome. Sit and chat over a double-double or a glass of wine and talk about all the things that make Canada your favourite place on earth!

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