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Surprising answers to the question: What if man's best friend was human?

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What dog owner hasn’t done this? You anthropomorphize your four-legged friend, put thoughts and feelings into their head that they almost certainly don't have, and basically turn your pet into a four-legged person. That is exactly how photographer Sandra Müller feels about her dog Maja—who inspired Dog People—the book that provides hilarious and creative photographic answers to the question: “What kind of person would this dog be?” Whether it’s Great Dane Holly as a couch potato or “Gismo” riding a Harley, these images and more make up the unforgettable and endearing collection of portraits of man’s best friend in Dog People.

“No, this book is not meant to be a fashion show for dogs and dog owners. This book is simply a thought experiment: what kind of person would my dog be? And let’s be honest: who hasn’t given his or her dog a lengthy explanation which the dog seems to listen to raptly but surely doesn’t understand every word of? Yes, yes, I know…YOUR dog understands every word! So does mine!”

– Sandra Müller, photographer/author of Dog People