Palomar Pinworld Black

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Palomar Maps allow you to trace your personal travel history and mark the places that you have been with pins that signify “I was here”… PinWorld is a world wall map printed on a flexible felt panel. PinWorld Mini comes in 2 versions: PinWorld by Countries, and PinWorld by Cities. PinWorld by Cities illustrates the cities with over 1 million inhabitants, offering a unique and exciting view of the world that you have traveled. 

The PinWorld XL is printed on three flexible felt panels which can be easily combined, choosing to place the centre of the world in Europe, in the Americas or in the Pacific area. These maps are ideal to display at home or in the office and will surely spark conversations about travel, cities, memories and unbelievable experiences.

The PinWorld Mini includes 15 pins and the PinWorld XL includes 45 pins.

Map sizes:

mini: 77×48 cm

Standard: 124 x 66cm

XL: 198×124 cm

- Printed using non-toxic inks

- 100% recyclable

- Washable


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