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Palomar THERE is a moon globe, designed and created in celebration of the very first moon landing. Includes 10 flag markers and an astronaut figurine.

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Product description

THERE, the Moon Globe, celebrates an extraordinary event in the history of mankind and the first place, outside Planet Earth, where man has ever set foot.

The THERE lunar globe is coloured silver because Selene/Silver is one of its most ancient names, and it’s made in special textured paper to enhance the morphology of the Moon’s surface, covered by craters and seas.

THERE celebrates the Moon, the celestial object so closely connected to human existence and whose rhythms are still today so fundamental for our existence.

We could not do without the icon of the first man who walked on the lunar surface in 1969 and the indication of the sites of successive moon landings.

  • Package includes: There + Astronaut Pin + 10 white flags
  • Size: Small ø 23 cm
  • Printed using non-toxic inks on Cordenons Wild paper with 35% of cotton
  • Made in ltaly