Taschen NYT 36 Hours

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36 Hours USA & Canada:

This fully revised and updated edition of the best-selling New York Times travel guide offers 150 weekend trip itineraries across North America, including New York, Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, and 29 new destinations. Complete with color-coded tabs and bookmark ribbons, practical recommendations, nearly 1,000 photos, and detailed city-by-city maps.

36 Hours Europe:

Across world capitals and tiny places with infectious personalities, Europe packs some serious travel punches. This second edition of the best-selling 36 Hours Europe is comprehensively revised to offer 130 expert itineraries from The New York Times, revealing the continent’s best-kept secrets. Includes 20 new stories ranging from Galway, Burgundy, and Bergen to the Amalfi Coast and Cyprus.

36 Hours USA & Canada West:

Get the best of the West with this new installment in TASCHEN’s best-selling 36 Hours series with The New York Times, featuring nearly 60 updated itineraries from kayaking through Kachemak Bay in Alaska to bird-watching for night herons in Hawaii. Whether you’re after an outdoor adrenaline fix or relaxed beach vibes, these perfectly packaged quick trips ensure you’ll make the most of your Friday through Sunday.

36 Hours USA & Canada East:

Become an eastern explorer with this regional special of TASCHEN’s best-selling series with The New York Times. Through palm-shaded beach resorts, history-drenched valleys, and Manhattan boutiques, an expert team of writers brings you over 50 fully revised and updated itineraries through eastern North America to ensure you make the most of your weekend.

36 Hours Latin America & The Caribbean:

From the urban beach at Ipanema to the cloud forest in Costa Rica, tango in Buenos Aires to steel band concerts in Trinidad, delve into this latest edition in the best-selling The New York Times’ 36 Hours series and discover 60 sparkling itineraries for lush, sun-drenched dream weekends through Latin America and the Caribbean.

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