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The Stylish Life: Skiing is a nostalgic and spectacular journey through the captivating and glamorous history of the traditional, yet modern, sport of skiing.

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From its origins in China and Scandinavia, the sport of skiing has come a long way to attract daring athletes, tourists, and locals on winter holiday, the chic and wealthy leisure class, and international royalty. On the technical side, pioneering innovators developed cutting-edge equipment that, over the years, has grown skiing to become a fiercely competitive spectator sport while, on the cultural side, the exciting, well-groomed stars of the ski world and jet-setter destinations have come to define a distinctive and popular global culture and aspirational lifestyle. The Stylish Life: Skiing is a nostalgic and spectacular journey through alpine history and beyond, including this singularly unique sport’s founders, superstars, influence on design and entertainment, and the evolution of its resorts, fashion, equipment, and much more.

Gabriella Le Breton has skied at some 130 resorts across the globe, jumping out of helicopters and skiing under the midnight sun. Amongst her many credits, she regularly contributes ski features to the Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, Condé Nast Traveller, and Vanity Fair.