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Votivo is fragrance at its finest – each fragrance is meticulously formulated and layered to reflect depth, richness, and complexity. A beautiful, timeless addition to any home, Votivo's Black Box Diffuser is the fastest way to fragrance.

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Product description

The fastest way to fragrance is as simple as pressing a button with Votivo's Black Box Fan Diffuser. To use, simply open the pod hatch at the base of the fan diffuser and insert a fragrance pod. Close the hatch and place the fan diffuser on a flat surface. Press the logo button to turn on the power. The diffuser will now start to diffuse fragrance into your space in 20-minute cycles.

  • Includes One Red Currant Fragrance Pod
  • Red Currant: Green. Citrus. Cassis. Geranium. Earthy Green & Fruity Musk.